Imminent Domain preview

here is a preview of the soon to be due final essay…

The subject of responsible land usage has been in the news a lot lately. Giant corporations with huge projects seek to take over land from people who already own it and are not willing to sell it. The idea of eminent domain is the defense used by those who take over “blighted” areas for redevelopment. Eminent domain is the government-granted right to obtain land (with compensation to the owner) to use for the public good. In other words, let’s say a private developer wants to build a stadium. They have the right to retrieve property from an owner who is sitting on it waiting for something great to happen, all in the name of eminent domain. But, what if the only reason they took the land, was to do the same thing?


Imminent Domain

My project is called Imminent Domain. This essay will explain why there is such a rush to build so much- if even to build at all. My project exposes a third side to the ongoing dilemma of why so many building projects are being planned in the city, and more importantly, why aren’t they happening. It reveals why in the current time it may be perceived as best to plan as much as possible and get the land (while others can’t afford to keep it), and then to decide what to do with it later, and in the mean time throw up the most extravagant ideas. Imminent Domain explores new projects such as the West Side Stadium, Atlantic Yards, and our very own City Tech Tower project. It explains why the only true sense of imminentness is to get the land—not to build it.