Imminent Domain preview

here is a preview of the soon to be due final essay…

The subject of responsible land usage has been in the news a lot lately. Giant corporations with huge projects seek to take over land from people who already own it and are not willing to sell it. The idea of eminent domain is the defense used by those who take over “blighted” areas for redevelopment. Eminent domain is the government-granted right to obtain land (with compensation to the owner) to use for the public good. In other words, let’s say a private developer wants to build a stadium. They have the right to retrieve property from an owner who is sitting on it waiting for something great to happen, all in the name of eminent domain. But, what if the only reason they took the land, was to do the same thing?


Imminent Domain

My project is called Imminent Domain. This essay will explain why there is such a rush to build so much- if even to build at all. My project exposes a third side to the ongoing dilemma of why so many building projects are being planned in the city, and more importantly, why aren’t they happening. It reveals why in the current time it may be perceived as best to plan as much as possible and get the land (while others can’t afford to keep it), and then to decide what to do with it later, and in the mean time throw up the most extravagant ideas. Imminent Domain explores new projects such as the West Side Stadium, Atlantic Yards, and our very own City Tech Tower project. It explains why the only true sense of imminentness is to get the land—not to build it.

Class on the Brooklyn Bridge


I was late for doing my essay in english composition 1101, and I was working hard to get it done with Winnie in the Learning Center. When 3:40 finally came, I had to get ready to leave for class. So I left and everything went “normal”. Little did I know, I was in for a surprise.

Walking to the Midway building, I ran into Ebony who was on the phone with Vladmir. I was saved s couple of minutes when she told me that they werent there. I asked, “are the in the Namm building?”

“No. They’re on the Brooklyn Bridge”

so thats when I said to myself “WTF,” and asked my self ‘Why would we be on the bridge?”


New York: Science Fiction

“New York went from the Oz I dreamed about in the Dominican Republic to the distant sight of the Verrazanno Bridge.”

This sentence, and only this one explains to the reader that the author was speaking of New York as not a place where he called home, but a place beyond the borders of his hometown, beyond reality. As a child in the Dominican Republic, Diaz looks forward to New York, “a city ablaze.” He arrived to New York only to learn of his father’s decision to move to nearby New Jersey, which is nothing less than a complete disappointment for him. He lives in New Jersey for the remainder of his childhood and finally makes the move to the city at age 26, where he looks to live the lifestyle he saw that only New York could provide. This sentence explains that New York was not only physically distant to him, but also emotionally distant in that it was the complete opposite of what it seemed to be.

The robotics thing I was talking about

The other day in english comp. class, I spoke about a reporter that was interviewing my school’s robotics team. The article is finally out , and you too can read it! Pop Mechanics.

Unphotographable #3

This is a picture I did not take of a rat, eating something I couldn’t see. Although rats are common at the Jay Street/Borough Hall Station, or any station for that matter, this one caught the attention of everyone: It was on the platform. It began to forage through a Burger King paper bag and grab small bites of what was inside, and then moved on to another bag, labeled “Have a nice day.” As everyone stared and watched the rat from down and across the platform, the A train came. With that, the rat left, but not before making his exit through three people who jumped out the way– literally.

My favorite website

My Favorite Website is FastWeb. It is my favorite website (for now) because it provides me with endless opportunities for a post secondary education


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